What are your favourite memories of Christmas as a child?

Family lunch at home and then all going to Cambridge for the big family dinner and cricket at the park at my Nana’s.


Did you have any Christmas traditions in your family when you were growing up?

The cricket game in Cambridge (for all ages) was a tradition and one we cousins have attempted to carry on, even though Nana has long passed away. We try to make it after Christmas now.


Do you have any Christmas traditions now?

We alternate who is the host family each year and with little grandchildren, Santa has now re-appeared!


What does Christmas mean to you?

I love Christmas. Christmas music, hugs, laughter, and the magic.


Where will you spend Christmas this year? Who will you spend it with?

This year Christmas lunch is at our house to be spent with my elderly Mum, my daughter, her husband and our beautiful grand-daughters. Sadly, this year our son will be in Melbourne, but we will be seeing him in January.


What’s your favourite Christmas song or movie?

I love most Christmas music, but Jingle Bell rock is always a happy song. And I love that every Christmas, “The Sound of Music” is replayed on TV.


What’s your Christmas dinner style? Traditional, Kiwi BBQ, Something else?

We love traditional turkey or ham and all the trimmings.


Tell us about your decorating for Christmas. Do you have a tree, real or artificial? Colour-coordinated or anything goes? Do you decorate just the tree, or do you adorn everything you can?

We have an artificial tree due to hay fever sufferers, but most definitely colour co-ordinated each year, including the gift wrap!


 What plans do you have for Bo and Co for 2017?

I’m brimming with new ideas so watch the Bo and Co space!

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