Cupcakes & Bunting’s Christmas Quiz

The answers to these quiz clues are all easily found amongst the pages of our website.

Send your answers to by December 15th.  The prize draw will take place on December 16th.

Winners will be announced on our Facebook page and emailed directly.  Have fun and good luck!

Quiz Clues

1.       What is the name of Threadbear Cottage’s Golliwog sign?

2.       How did Bo and Co choose their name?

3.       What is the name of the little girl who makes feijoa muffins in our recipe section?

4.       What animal features in our ‘learn to knit’ series in our arts and crafts section?

5.       Where does Mieke Smit obtain the wool for her Dreamstitch creations?

6.       What are two fragrances available in Lulala’s soy candle range?

7.       Which item on the art and craft page of our website can be made for the garden?

8.       Which rural Waikato village is home to glass artist Jan Hardy of River Rainbows?

9.        How many egg whites are used in the pavlova on our recipe page?

10.      In which country was artist Santie Cronje born?

11.      What creative occupation did Chris Edmeades have before buying The Olde Creamery Café?

12.      How many tiny footprint pendants did Susan Coram-Stanley donate to the hospital this year?

13.      What is Soap Chef Morgane Brierly’s favourite social media platform?

14.      Find the locations of the five Christmas elves hidden amongst the pages of our website.