Driving through the beautiful Waikato countryside I easily located Threadbear Cottage on Arapuni Road.  Owner Julie Lealand has a love of golliwogs, teddies and all things vintage. To attract passers-by Julie commissioned a giant eight foot tall golliwog made from corrugated iron which stands proudly in her lovingly tended front garden.

I stopped in Kihikihi at Viand’s Bakery and bought some delicious friands….a blueberry one and because I can never resist the flavour, a salted caramel one too. Julie had picked some beautiful flowers from her garden and set the table with a lace cloth and her lovely vintage china for our morning tea.  She told me she thinks it’s important to use our pretty things everyday, not keep them in a cupboard for special occasions. I couldn’t agree more.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Julie and she was such a wonderful story-teller. She told me all about how her son had built her cottage to take her mind off a serious accident that she had suffered.  It was initially designed as a sewing room but, upon her friend’s suggestion, it evolved into the lovely source of inspirational handcrafted gifts that it is today.

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