Well, it has been a very long time since I wrote a blog post. I have been feeling a bit down in the dumps if I am completely honest with you.

A couple of things happened in my family recently and they both took my time and focus away from my business which resulted in me getting behind schedule in blog posts, conversation publications, Facebook updates, pretty much every area really.

The first thing that happened was our daughter had a car accident. Somebody hit her in the passenger side of her car. Luckily, she wasn’t seriously hurt, but did have a few osteopathic appointments due to the jolt she endured causing her a bit of back pain.   Thankfully, she appears to be on the mend now, with hopefully no on-going problems.

The insurance company deemed the car irreparable so I became the taxi for my daughter for a few weeks, as she still had to get to work and university, and we live rurally in an area without public transport.

We spent many hours looking for a suitable replacement vehicle, which we have now found.

In the midst of this going on our son visited from Melbourne, accompanied by his girlfriend. It was wonderful to see him and to meet her for the first time. I hadn’t seen my son for a year, so it was very special to be able to spend some time with him and to get to know his girlfriend a little too.

During these times, I found it difficult to give time to Cupcakes & Bunting and before I knew it, weeks had gone past and then I started to feel guilty for not having given it any attention. I got myself into quite a state about it actually, feeling a failure for not publishing a conversation on time and keeping up with all the tasks required to keep things progressing forward. The more time went past the worse I felt and the more difficult it was to pull myself out of it and get back on track. I started to feel rather down and despondent about the whole thing. I was really giving myself a very hard time!

Then I got to thinking about it. Really focussing on my life and everything that was in it…and everything I believed that I was doing wrong in it. Yes, I was really in the doldrums.

After wallowing in that state for a while, having my one-member pity party, I finally came up for air and put aside one session of dedicated time to work on getting an article written up from the last interview I had done. I began to feel a little better. I didn’t manage to finish the article in one sitting, but I had achieved about half of it. I thought I could see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

Once I began to feel better I was able to see things more clearly. Rather than beating myself up for ‘neglecting’ my business, I realised that the reality wasn’t so much about what I had neglected as much as it was about what I had turned my attention to instead. It was about weighing up priorities in my life and adjusting my schedule to make room for what really mattered.

As a mother, my priority will always be my children. As a wife, my priority will always be my husband. As a business-owner my priority will always be my business. As an individual, my priority will always be myself.

But of course I am all of those things and I play all of those roles in my life. So, how to be ‘all things to all people’?

I must prioritise what is most important in any given moment. I must ask myself “Where is my attention most needed right now?”

It is a delicate balancing act, with me being the juggler of all facets of my life. It keeps things varied and interesting and although it can sometimes be challenging, I love my life and I’m grateful for everything and everyone in it and I really wouldn’t want it any other way.