Hello again,

It’s been two weeks since I launched my website and I can hardly believe that it is finally happening and I am having so much fun!

I am very happy, and grateful, with the response I have had from all you lovely readers. Thank you so much for all your supportive and encouraging comments and messages.  It has meant so much to me to hear what you think about it and to know that it is being enjoyed by you makes it all feel worthwhile and spurs me on to make it the best I can.

I had a suggestion that it would be handy to have a printable version of the recipes, as well as the videos, so I have been busy this week putting that excellent idea into action. I am pleased to tell you that there is now a ‘print this recipe’ button below all the recipe videos that I have published so far, and I will continue to do this for all the new ones I add. Please do keep your suggestions and feedback coming as this is the way I can know that you are getting what you want from the website.

My daughter is very keen on the apple roses. I made them the other night and she has been asking me to make them again every day since! (I haven’t succumbed yet, but perhaps we will make them again over the weekend.) They are very simple and they look so pretty. They are an excellent recipe to make with children who like to help in the kitchen.

In the Conversations section of the website I plan to feature a new conversation with a creative businessperson every second Thursday.  In the first conversation I introduced you all to Mieke Smit of Dreamstitch.  If you missed it you can read all about Mieke and her wonderful yarny ways here.

Mieke is holding a felting workshop on Saturday 18th June in Hamilton. If you would like to enrol in her class and learn this new craft send her a message on her Facebook page

In the continuing saga of house renovations our kitchen has been a work in progress for longer than I care to admit to you. This morning we had a tradesman come in to make a template for some pressed tin panels that we are attaching to the kitchen wall as a splash-back. This is the first stage of the process, once they are cut we will need to take them to be powder-coated before they will be attached to the wall. I will post a before and after photo once they are all done. It does feel good to be making a little progress though.