I recently got my hands on a new diary/planner for 2017 and I am loving it already.

I have kept a diary on and off over the years and occasionally I stumble upon one and have a little session of reminiscence, reading through old entries. I am instantly transported back to that day and can clearly remember all the details of it, even if I have only written a few highlights.

However, as I said before, I have only ever been an intermittent diary keeper. But reading those memories I have recorded makes me wish I had written them more regularly.

So, this year I went ahead and bought myself a new diary.

There are many different ways to use a diary. Filling each day with to-do lists, keeping note of appointments and jotting down shopping lists are popular options. They all have their place, but I decided, this year, my beautiful new diary was not going to be the keeper for such mundane trivia.

So, what am I going to use it for?

This year, this fresh new diary of mine will be used to record joy. I will write about the special and significant days throughout the year, days that will be brought to mind later when I stumble across this diary in years to come. I will remember fondly birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, Christmas and celebrations that punctuate all of our lives every year.

Perhaps more importantly though, I want to take note and write about all the happy little everyday moments that occur in my life. It’s kind of like a gratitude journal, if you like, helping me to really examine my life and recognise every little morsel of goodness. Because there is so much to be happy about and grateful for in my life and I want to appreciate and remember it all.

My last blog post was about Resolutions. In it I queried why we often make resolutions around things we don’t really want to do. So this year, I resolved that I would dedicate more of my time to creativity, because that is something I really do want to have more of in my life.

I’m pleased to say this new diary of mine has a colouring-in page at the start of every month….right there in the diary!! What a wonderful way to start a month, and remind me regularly of my creativity goals.


As well as the title colouring-in page at the start of every month, there are little extra colouring-in places scattered through the month as well. Yay!

Every month has an inspirational quote too. This is the one for January. Very apt for the start of the year, don’t you think!?

I feel like it was written with procrastinators like me in mind!

Already, before the month of January is even over, I have noticed that keeping this ‘Joy’ Diary has really made me stop and take note of everything I feel grateful for in my life.  To find the good in everyday, the simple precious moments that will become my memories in the future.  Summer days at the beach with fish and chip dinners and ice cream treats afterwards,  afternoons relaxing at the lake with family petanque games, going for a pedicure with my eldest daughter, a double date curry night out with close friends, the fun of building our new chook house enclosure, an invitation received to my neice’s baby shower, a bike ride with my littlest….so many things that I have enjoyed this month.

Do you want to see my coloured-in page for January?  I had so much fun colouring it in.  I’m sorry that the photo quality in this post is not the greatest, but anyway, here it is…..

I would love to know if you keep a diary/planner?

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Leave me a comment and let me know….What’s your diary-keeping style? What’s important to you, your ‘must-haves’ in choosing a new diary/planner to use?